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Thank You God, For Everything

Amidst the chaos of this life, it is so easy to overlook the true blessings God is sending. I was inspired to write this poem upon realizing that I do not appreciate the gifts I’ve been given nearly as much as I should.

Thank you God for rainy days, for that means food is growing,
For this crowded room which with Your gifts is overflowing,
And for frustrating traffic—for at least I have a car.
Thank you for my tired body; I’m able to work hard.

Thank you, Lord for college debts, for we have education,
Thanks for ills that remind me that you are my salvation.
For family arguments for I have family to love,
And for trials testing me to trust in You above.

Rising costs of food will teach me to appreciate
And thank you for this old, old house where at least I am safe.
Thank you for my sleepless nights as Baby keeps on growing,
And stressful mornings as my husband to his job is going.

Thank you God for blessings that I often fail to see
For I am distracted with this life’s small difficulties
Teach me, Lord, to trust in You and see the best in all things—
For in each trial that you send you also give blessings.

(c) 2010


One response

  1. Brings to mind the saying “that if life gives you lemons…then make lemonade.”…very nice sentiment in the poem.

    July 2, 2010 at 6:28 PM

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